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RestApp is the next-gen end-to-end data pipeline platform.
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The all-in-one data tool for real estate managers

Easily centralize, model and vizualize your data in relation to the real estate assets under management.

The Data Platform for Modern real estate asset and property managers

Centralize data

Collect all the relevant data in connection with the real estate assets under management.

Tailor-Made KPIs

Create your own KPIs to track the performance of your assets. 

Personalized dashboards

Monitor the relevant metrics in an integrated dashboard.


Be empwoerd with a single solution to follow all you real estate assets wherever they are.

Compliant with major data security standards

SSL Secured

Our codebase is designed with secure measures in mind, and we also use SSL encryption to provide additional protection against various types of attacks.

This ensures that your data remains safe and secure at all times.


Our authentication technology is state-of-the-art and we also offer SSO for added convenience.

In addition, we provide multi-level access to govern user roles and enable full external and internal control monitoring.


ISO Certified

We store and process all data on servers that are ISO-certified and located in the EU.

To ensure extra security, we also create backups in multiple locations.

Take the most out of your assets

With RestApp, be your team’s data hero by activating insights from raw data sources.

Activate and combine any data sources without code

Transform your data with our No Code SQL, Python and NoSQL functions

Run automatically your data pipelines and sync modeled data with your favorite tools

Share your pipelines and collaborate smarter with your teammates

Discover how Data Transformation really means

Find out the new data architecture concept of Data Mesh

Learn how Operational Analytics actives your data

Learn how to deliver great customer experience with real-time data


Crunch data at scale with ease

Configure connectors, no build

Save time & efforts for data prep

Save time & efforts for data prep


Stay always up to date on data activation

Get access to tips and tricks to model your data

Discover our always evolving and regularly updated documentation

Find out how we keep your data safe