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Avoid getting blocked by an arbitrary number of rows.
Get, clean and analyze all your data whatever their amount.

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Compare RestApp to Hevo Data

User-Friendly IDE

Compared to Hevodata’s full SQL-based interface, RestApp drag-and-drop visual editor with SQL, NoSQL & Python operations lets you get, clean, analyze your data from multiple and disparate sources. Get your teams to work & collaborate without friction.

Scalable computing time

No surprises at the end of the month with RestApp since our pricing model is evolving according to your needs of syncing and not per quantity of your own data you stored.

Unlimited features to empower anyone!

Unlimited users, unlimited rows, unlimited sources, unlimited destinations, unlimited models, unlimited workspaces to collaborate with teammates and so much more! Empower yourself with the next generation of end-to-end data pipelines.

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Free plan

Number of Rows in Free plan


 1 million

Pricing starts at

$49 / month

$239 / month

No Code Dara Transformation Editor

Unlimited Workspaces

Unlimited Connectors

Unlimited Rows

Unlimited Users

RestApp Data connection framework

RestApp: The End-to-end Data Activation Platform for Data & Ops teams

Handling a dozen of different tools to integrate, model, orchestrate and automate your data is a cumbersome task for teams. RestApp is a hassle-free end-to-end platform, you just connect to the sources you need, you model with an intuitive editor, automate with a simple interface and collaborate efficiently with any stakeholder.

Drag-and-Drop Pipeline Builder

Whether you’re technical or non-technical, SQL expert or newbie, our next-gen No/Low code data platform helps you manage all your data pipelines in one single solution.

Alone, I go faster; together, we go further!

Draft, deploy and scale data pipelines faster and efficiently with the embedded Domains that let you work smarter with your teammates and other stakeholders.
Shipping data-as-a-product has never been easier!

Full Capabilities

Get easily started with a wide range of built-in features to get the most out of your data models

No Code editor

Use drag-and-drop functions to be empowered with SQL, NoSQL and Python capabilities at full throttle.

Preview mode

Our preview mode provides you with the query results at each transformation step.

SQL alternative

A full SQL editor is also available for proficient users to easily create their data models.

Reusable pipelines

Just duplicate the pipelines (data models) and share them with relevant teams.


Choose the draft or production mode for each data model to test, iterate and validate with confidence.

Access and sharing panel

Enterprise-grade panel to control and share access to the right users.

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Activate and combine any data sources without code

Transform your data with our No Code SQL editor

Automate your operational analytics with your business apps

Share your pipelines and collaborate smarter with your teammates

Discover how Data Transformation really means

Find out the new data architecture concept of Data Mesh

Learn how Operational Analytics actives your data

Learn how to deliver great customer experience with real-time data


Empower your teammates

Prevent churn

Generate more revenue

Run better campaigns

Drive your metrics


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Get access to tips and tricks to model your data

Discover our always evolving and regularly updated documentation

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