Easily model and transform your data without code

Empower anyone to clean and transform data from disparate sources without friction.
Create, edit and share your data models as a product with your teammates.

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RestApp Data connection framework

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Built-in functions to cover
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From data processing to data activation

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Share your data-as-a-product (pipelines)

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How does it work?

Set up your pipelines thanks to our ever-growing library of functions.

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Step 1

Input: Select the data connectors as sources

Choose any relevant sources and tables to be used in your data model. Combine, mix, aggregate all your sources to find patterns, insights or any valuable data hidden.

Operational analytics

Step 2

Pipeline: Model your data in No Code

Use our drag-and-drop interface to clean and transform your input data in actionable data models.


Step 3

Output: Insert and update rows to your destination

Based on your matching fields, we update rows from your model to your output otherwise we add them.

Full Capabilities

Get easily started with a wide range of built-in features to get the most out of your data models

No Code editor

Use drag-and-drop functions to be empowered with SQL, NoSLQ and Python capabilities at full throttle.

Preview mode

Our preview mode provides you with the query results at each transformation step.

SQL alternative

A full SQL editor is also available for proficient users to easily create their data models.

Reusable pipelines

Just duplicate the pipelines (data models) and share them with relevant teams.


Choose the draft or production mode for each data model to test, iterate and validate with confidence.

Access and sharing panel

Enterprise-grade panel to control and share access to the right users.


Find out the functions you need to activate your data.

Ready to experience operational analytics
without code?