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  • 30m of syncing
  • 100k rows
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  • Unlimited Users


  • 10h of syncing
  • 1M rows
  • Unlimited Connectors
  • Unlimited Users


  • 50h of syncing
  • 100M rows
  • Unlimited Connectors
  • Unlimited Users


  • 100h of syncing
  • 500M rows
  • Unlimited Connectors
  • Unlimited Users


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  • > 100h of syncing
  • > 500M rows
  • Unlimited Connectors
  • Unlimited Users

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Compliant with EU data security standards

SSL Secured

Secured measures by design in our codebase as well as SSL encryption further protect your data against a wide range of attacks.


We use state-of-the-art authentication technology and SSO. Govern the users roles with multi-level access to monitor full external and internal control.

ISO Certified

All data is stored and processed on ISO-certified servers in EU. Additionally, back-ups are filled in different locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

P‍ipeline computing or CPU time is the time between the moment we load data then process it and finally send the results to your output.

Pricing policy

  • Failed jobs and attempts are not charged. If a job or attempt fails right now, we are not going to charge you for it.
  • We do charge whether you're in draft or production mode.
  • We do charge for cancelled jobs, as they are a decision from the user.

Connectors are all the integrations available to retrieve data as input (like Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB..) and send data as output (like Hubspot, GoogleSheets, SFTP...).

Pipelines are end-to-end models built in No Code to transform your data from input to output.

Input is the sources from where you retrieve your data

Output is the destination to where you send your data.

Fields are the total number of fields in downstream SaaS output (e.g., Hubspot) which RESTApp syncs data into for a workspace. In the pipeline, fields can be found within a pipeline as "matching fields".

Absolutely nothing! We built RestApp to take away the complexity of setting up and manage a modern data stack within any organizations. 

We add new data connectors (input and output) every week. If you don't see an integration in our catalog, contact us and we can prioritize it.

Of course! We're happy to help users regardless of their selected plan, please message us on Intercom, email us, or book a time with us and we'll make sure set up is effortless as possible.

We offer a no-commitment trial, with access to all data connectors and selected paid plan features, for 14 days. After that, your account will turn into a Free plan.

Paid plans are offered with an annual commitment. If you're looking for a shorter commitment term, click here to contact us.

We charge your credit card at the beginning of each monthly billing period, and we won't charge for overages during that given month. Before your next payment, RestApp will notify you if whether you should upgrade to a higher plan for the next month.


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